Client Success Stories

Gray Matter

Gray Matter, a successful and ambitious small business, was experiencing growing pains. Existing IT infrastructure boxed them in right when the company was poised to expand in the marketplace. Their legacy server became a bottleneck as it handled every aspect of the business simultaneously. Vital proprietary data storage lacked security and redundancy. Plans to expand their Internet presence were delayed indefinitely.

E Squared C converted Gray Matter to a virtual server environment. Dual, expandable, high performance servers were introduced. Between those machines, several virtual servers were created to handle each aspect of the business independently.

Updates to the database server no longer require cutting off mail and file services. New services can be added, tested and deployed without disturbing existing ones. Backups, stored on and off site, can be made for data and the virtual machines to ensure minimal downtime in the event of failures or disasters. Development of their expanded Internet presence can start in the virtual environment and be transferred to a web host when complete.

Gray Matter is now free to take advantage of its potential, without being hampered by inflexible technology. Server virtualization is one of the many solutions E Squared C can provide. Let us help you to realize the potential of your company. Contact us for more information.

Edgewood Companies

Edgewood Companies asked E Squared C to create and execute a new deployment for its core network infrastructure. E Squared C created the budget and created a list of recommendations to the CFO, After approval E Squared C created a action plan for deploying 4 new VMware ESX servers at two different locations also new switches and UPS systems were added. These new systems allowed Edgewood Companies the growth needed to move its business forward.

E Squared C created and executed a new backup system designed on Veeam technology. This software allows Edgewood Companies to have a server imaging software for fast server restores. This software can also replicate servers for zero downtime. With the new system in hand E Squared C also updated the companies disaster recovery plan to account for new systems deployed.

E Squared C IT services also introduced a new Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 terminal server to allow employees access to company resources from anywhere in the world. This server can also function as a short term desktop replacement if needed.

Douglas County Sewer Improvement District (DCSID)

Douglas County Sewer Improvement District (DCSID) asked E Squared C Inc. to upgrade its system from a Linux email system to a new Microsoft Exchange system, This system would allow DCSID to collaborate with others to share emails and calendar events with users and consultant. The other requirement was file sharing access to allow users a safe and secure place to store files.

E Squared C Inc. also provided DCSID with a way to record and quickly access all of its archived documents via a new document management system. Before this system DCSID never knew what documents they had or how to find them. This new system allowed them to retrieve any document from over 40 years old. This information then was able to be shared with vendors or other government agencies.

Additionally, E Squared C Inc. introduced a new remote access server to allow the use of SCADA system tools via secure remote access controls. The goal of this system is to allow for 24/7 monitoring and access controls and provide quick access to mission critical information.