Local Governments

In order to improve on the services that they provide to the public sector while staying within their budget, state and local governments need innovative and customer-centric local government technologies. Having IT solutions that provide wider public reach, mesh both online and offline efforts, help citizen’s government accounts to connect seamlessly, and allow the easy but secure access to data is a must.

With E Squared C’s Local Government technology solutions, we’ll elevate your agency’s performance to help you meet all these demands and accomplish more with less. With a quality IT infrastructure in place, your local government organization can expand community services with confidence and build trust with the people you serve.

E Squared C provides its local government clients with:

  • Outsourced IT department that reduces your firm’s IT labor costs
  • Expertise in software that greatly benefit your business such as GovSense and Altus Dynamics
  • Cloud solutions to scale resources as needed and enhance communications, productivity and collaboration
  • Data security solutions that are compliant with state legislations
  • 24/7 onsite and remote support to resolve any issues you may have
  • 24/7 monitoring of your systems to ensure maximum uptime