At E Squared C, we understand that the methods, tools and resources to enhance learning and teaching often depend on educational budget constraints and challenges. Implementing innovative technology is not always on the priority list, but here at E Squared C, we believe an IT investment can revitalize your institution and actually reduce costs across the board.

Our specialized IT education solutions can support your educational goals while helping to drive down costs. Taking advantage of asynchronous and synchronous technology learning platforms, for example, allows students to be educated without the need for new buildings. With our Education services, our team will help customize an IT plan that will align with your institution’s goals and provide the support to select and integrate solutions effectively into your teaching system.

E Squared C provides its education clients with:

  • Outsourced IT department that reduces your firm’s IT labor costs
  • Expertise in technologies that greatly benefit today’s educator
  • Cloud solutions to scale resources as needed and enhance communications, productivity and collaboration
  • Data security solutions that are compliant with HIPAA HITECH, PCI DSS and other state regulations
  • 24/7 onsite and remote support to resolve any issues you may have
  • 24/7 monitoring of your systems to ensure maximum uptime