Project Services

Project Management is important for organizations of all sizes. Having the right team and approach makes all the difference when it comes to the successful completion and execution of your projects.

E Squared C has the expertise of project services, project coordination, budgeting and third-party vendor management to make your projects a success. With our highly effective approach to IT project services, we prevent scope creep and keep budgets in line with budgeted project costs.

E Squared C’s Project Services team can perform:

  • Network audits, gap and risk analysis, and infrastructure upgrade recommendations
  • Local and wide area network technology upgrades and conversions
  • Network security solutions
  • Legacy system decommissioning
  • Virtualization, storage and server consolidation solutions
  • Premise-based systems integration
  • Cloud & on-premise technology conversions and integrations
  • Enterprise backup, storage implementation
  • Secure remote access solutions
  • Infrastructure convergence with dedicated application development teams

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